Gürzenich Orchestra Cologne

The Gürzenich Orchestra Cologne (Gürzenich Orchester Köln) is a German symphony orchestra based in Cologne (Köln). On some recordings, the orchestra goes under the name “Gürzenich-Orchester Kölner Philharmoniker”. Its name comes from its past principal concert venue, the Gürzenich concert hall in Cologne. Currently, its primary concert venue is the Kölner Philharmonie (Cologne Philharmonic Hall). The Gürzenich Orchestra traces its origins to 1827, when a group of Cologne Bürger sponsored the creation of the “Cölner Concert-Gesellschaft” (Cologne Concert Society) to set up “Gesellschaftskonzerte” (Society concerts) and “Abonnementskonzerte” (subscription concerts). The orchestra began to give concerts at the Gürzenich concert hall in 1857, from which it derived its current name. In 1986, the orchestra took up residence at the Kölner Philharmonie. The orchestra also plays in opera productions in the Cologne Opera. Since 2003, the Gürzenich-Kapellmeister, or chief conductor of the Gürzenich Orchestra, has been Markus Stenz.

He is scheduled to conclude his Gürzenich tenure in 2014.[1] In February 2014, the city of Cologne announced the appointment of François-Xavier Roth as the next Generalmusikdirektor (GMD) of the city of Cologne, which includes the post of Gürzenich-Kapellmeister. The appointment of Roth as the 13th Gürzenich-Kapellmeister is effective on 1 September 2015, with an initial contract of 5 years.